USA 2011 - Part 2.
AERC 2002 departing Albany for Lebanon 2100711

After interchanging with the Portland & Western (PNWR), Albany & Eastern (AERC) 2002 [EMD GP38-3] is seen departing Albany, OR. on its twelve mile trip to Lebanon, OR. on 210-July-2011.

BNSF 1010 on an eastbound double stack near Look Lake WA. 230711
A BNSF eastbound double stack led by BNSF 1010 [GE C44-9W] is racing one of the Shaver barges on the Columbia river near Look Lake WA. 23-July-2011.
CN 2204 south of Ackerville 150711

CN 2204 [GE C44-9W] leads a southbound doublestack seen near Ackerville, WI. on 15-July-2011.

CN 9461 at Duplainville WI 140711

CN 9461 [EMD GP40-2LW] on a local at Duplainville WI on 14-July-2011.

CP 8754 at Duplainvile WI 150711

CP 8754 [GE ES44AC] running on the old Milwaukee Road crosses the former SOO line at Duplainvile, WI.

Metra 188 at La Grange Road 160711

Metra 188 [EMD F40PHM-2] at La Grange Road, IL. on 16-July-2011.

PNWR 1803 on Corvallis local at Corvallis 250711
PNWR 1803 [GP9] traverses the triangle at Corvallis south yard while on Corvallis local duties on 25-July-2011.
PNWR 2309 on westbound Tolledo Hauler at Orgeon Stage golf course, Albany 180711

PNWR 2309 [GP39-2] leads three sisters & two slugs through Orgeon Stage golf course at Albany, OR on a westbound Tolledo Hauler on 18-July-11.

PNWR 3001 on Westbound Tolledo Hauler at Harris road covered bridge 250711

PNWR 3001 [GP40-2] leads a Westbound Tolledo Hauler up the costal mountain range at Harris road covered bridge, OR. 25-July-2011.

UP 4372 at Mitchel's point 230711
UP 4372 [EMD SD70] leads an east bound manifest through the fantastic Columbia gorge at Mitchel's point, OR. on 23-July-2011.
UP 5384 at Ashair 260711
UP 5384 [GE ES44AC] arrives at Ashair, OR.with a drop off for the PNWR & power to form the evenings southbound Eugene hauler on 26-July-2011.
UP 5457 on a Southbound manifest at Albany 2100711
UP 5457 [GE ES44AC] on a Southbound manifest races past Albany, OR. on 21-July-2011.
UP3936 between Shedd & Halsey 190711
Further down the UP main, UP3936 & 4157 [EMD SD70M-2] are seen on a southbound manifest traveling through the fertile Willamette valley (the grass seed capitol of the world!) & is now very close to the small town of Halsey, OR. on 19-July-2011.
Wisconsin & Southern 1505 near Milwaukie 140711
Wisconsin & Southern 1505 [EMD MP15AC] in west Milwaukie, WI. on 14-July-2011.