NIR Railcars.  

Introduced in two stages in 1974 & 1977, NIR's 80 class railcars were built by BREL in Derby, UK. The 80 class has a four-stroke English Electric prime mover producing 560 hp. The units are based on the MK2 bodyshell.
NIR's castle class railcars were introduced in 1985 and are based on a shortened MK3 bodyshell. The units power pants & electrical equipment was salvaged from withdrawn 70 class railcars.

8082 north of Gormanston 040905

On 04-September-2005 Armagh played Tryone in the All-Ireland football Semi-final in Croke Park, Dublin. NIR ran three specials to Dublin Connolly for supporters. Armagh lost by a point! 8082 is seen at the "military bridge" between Mosney & Gormanston, Co. Meath.

083 north of Gormanston 040905
8083 is seen at the same spot a few minutes later!
8089 approaching Balbriggan 040905
For various reasons it was decided to run the specials back to Dundalk for stabling prior to running back to Connolly to form the return leg of the specials. 8089 is seen approaching Balbriggan on its way to Dundalk on
8089 cab 240905
A view of the interior of 8089's cab at Dublin Connolly on prior to Departure on 24-September-2005.
8083 & 083 at Connolly 240905

8083 & 083 at Connolly 24-September-2005. 8083 was working a Modern Railway Society of Ireland (MRSI) special to Portrush & Derry & 083 was just about to head off to Sligo with a rake of MK2s.

8083 at Connolly 240905
8083 prior to departure.
NIR images/8089 at Antrim 240905
8089 at Antrim
8083 at Derry
8083 at Derry
8083, 3022 & 8783 at Coleraine 240905
Three generations of NIR railcar at Coleraine on 24-September-2005 -
CK3 class No.3022, Castle / 450 class No. 8783 & 80 class No. 8083.
NIR 93 at Belfast Central 021209
NIR 8093 at Belfast Central 02-December-2009 after arrival from Carraigfergus.
NIR 8069 on Sandite working approaching Portadown 101013
NIR 8069 on a Sandite working approaching Portadown 10-October-2013
NIR 8090 at Larne Harbour 140511
Another special working! On 14-May-2011 the Irish Railway Records Society organised a special working from Lisburn to Larne, Bangor & back. 8090 is seen at Larne Harbour. Click here for a video of
NIR 8090 at Whitehead 140511
On the journey back to Belfast from Larne harbour, 8090 stands at Whitehead.
NIR 8094 at Cultra 140511
8094 at Cultra on teh way to Bangor
NIR 8090 at Bangor 140511
8090 is seen at Bangor prior to departure to Belfast (and Lisburn).
8097 at Gormonston 200805
A rather poor shot of 8097 at Gormonston 20-August-2005 running empty from Dundalk to Dublin Connolly prior to forming a GAA special to Belfast for Armagh supporters. Armagh played Laois in Croke park.
NIR 8090 on rear of Dundalk-Belfast Central MRSI special at Faughart 250911
By 2011 visits of 80 class railcars to Irish rail metals were becoming rare to say the least. On 25-September-2011 8090 operated from Belfast to Dundalk on a MRSI special working and is seen returning north at Faughart, Co. Louth. For a video of this working click here.
8452 at Coleraine  240905
8452 departing Coleraine for Derry on 24-September-2005
8453 at Coleraine 240905
8453 stabled at Coleraine 24-September-2005.
NIR 8452 at great Victoria street 140511
8452 at great Victoria street 14-May-2011
NIR 8456 at Larne Harbour 140511
NIR 8456 at Larne Harbour 14-May-2011