29000 class Railcars of Iarnród Éireann.

Iarnród Éireann's 29000 class railcars were built by Construcciones y Auxiliar de Ferrocarriles (CAF).
These units were introduced in two batches in 2002 & 2005.
Currently these railcars work exclusivly out of Connolly / Drogheda on outer suburban services to Dundalk/ Drogheda, Longford / Maynooth / M3 Parkway & Bray with occosional workings to Rosslaire & Sligo.

29101 on 1605 Heuston-Newbridge approaching Hazelhatch 240709

29101 working the 1605 Heuston-Newbridge is seen approaching Hazelhatch on 24-July-2009.

29102 at Gormanston 270605
29102 on the rear of a Drogheda-Connolly service at Gormanston, Co. Meath on 27-June-2005.
29103 at MP17 190707
29103 on a Heuston-Kildare service passing a sister unit near Sallins, Co. Kldare on 19-July-2007.
29104 at Stacumny bridge 040809

29104 works a Heuston-Newbridge service seen near MP9 on the Dublin-Cork line on 04-August-2009.

29105 crossing the M50 at Castleknock 080308

29105 on a Dublin Pearse-Maynooth working is seen crossing an as yet unaltered M50 at Castleknock on

29406 &  on 1718 Heuston-Newbridge at Stacumny Br

29406 working the 1718 Dublin Heuston-Newbridge passing the now demolished Stacumny bridge on

29107 on the  Curragh 150707
29107 on a Dublin Heuston-Kildare service crossing the 15-July-2007.
29408 approaching Gormonston 090907

29108 on 1815 (Sun) Heuston-Kildare at Hazelhatch 08-June-2008


29409 at Balbriggan 040905
29409 departs Balbriggan on a Southbound working on 04-September-2005.
29110 leaving Pearse 130406

29110 departing Dublin Pearse on 13-April-2006.

29111 at Enfield on Boyle-CY GAA special 170906

29111 passing the redundant Enfield signal cabin on a Boyle, Co. Roscommon-Dublin Connolly GAA special on
17-September-2006. Roscommon played Kerry with a draw match result. Roscommonn went on to victory in the reply!

9112 on 0905 M3 Parkway-Connolly service at Stirling bridge 180910
29112 works the 0905 M3 Parkway-Dublin Connolly service seen shortly after departure from Dunboyne, Co. Meath on 18-September-2010.
29113 on 1305 Connolly-Sligo at Blackshade Br (Longwood) 060408
29113 is seen south of Sallinson a Dublin Heuston-Newbridge service on 03-October-2007
9414 & 29407 at Hazelhatch 220306

29414 & 29407 are seen making a synchronised departure at Hazelhatch while on Heuston-Newbridge-Heuston suburban services on 22-March-2006.

29115 at Kildare 131205
29115 at Kildare awaiting departure for Heuston on 13-December-2005.
29116 at MP9 140507

29116 has just departed Hazelhatch on a Heuston bound service on 14-May-2007. Preparatory work has just commenced for the Kildare rout Project. Spot the MK2!

29117 on 0950 Dundalk-Connolly at MP25 230611
29117 works the 0950 Dundalk-Dublin Connolly past Mosney, Co. Meath on the Dublin-Belfast line on
29118 at Sligo 270506

29118 is about to depart Sligo for Dublin Connolly on 27-May-2006.

29119 on 1050 Kildare-Heuston at MP17 180309
29119 is seen passing MP17 while working the 1050 Kildare-Heuston 18-March-2009.
29120 at Enfield 041105
29120 awaits the staff for the Enfield-Maynooth section while working an Enfield-Dublin Connolly service on
04-November-2005. The signal cabin closed shortly afterwards with the advent of CTC.
29121 on 1718 Heuston-Newbridge at MP9 300407
29121 is at MP9 on the Cork line working the 1718 Heuston-Newbridge on a sunny 30-April-2007.
29123 on 1715 Newbridge-Heuston-at Stacumny Bridge 260509
At MP 8 3/4, 29123 works the now retimed 1715 Newbridge-Heuston two years later (with two additional tracks) on 26-May-2009.
29125 at Dunboyne 040810
29125 at Dunboyne on 04-August-2010. Was this the first day of service on the reopened branch?
29126 at Drogheda 070609

29126 at Drogheda depot on 07-Jine-2009.

29127 on 1505 Connolly-Sligo at the Hill of Down 040508
29127 on 1505 Connolly-Sligo passing the former station & block post at the Hill of Downon 04-May-2008.
29128 at MP17 190707
29128 on a Dublin Heuston-Newbridge workig at MP17 19-Juy-2007.
29129 at Broombridge 070508
29129 on a Dublin Connolly-Longford service approaching Broombridge on 07-May-2008. The watertower at Liffey Junction can be seen in the background. The LUAS BXD line will soon connect here with the Maynooth suburban services.