2700 class Railcars of Iarnród Éireann.

Iarnród Éireann's 2700 class railcars were built by GEC Alsthom in Spain in 1997/98.
There are 27 units split into pairs with the exception of the two single car units 2751 & 2753 and 2716 which is paired with 2600 class member 2609.
The units were regarded as being notoriously unreliable until relatively recently until the fleet was transferred to Limerick where things improved.
The entire fleet is now withdrawn & stored in both Limerick & Cork and face a very uncertain future with Iarnrod Eireann.

2700 class railcar crossing the Barrow at Monasterevin 031106

A 2700 class railcar crosses the river Barrow at Monasterevin, Co. Kildare on 03-Novemeber-2006.

2701 at Limerick Junction 130907
2701 is seen departing Limerick Junction for Drogheda depot on 13-September-2007.
2702 on 0935 Limerick-Galway at Gort 190312
2702 leads the 0935 Limerick-Galway into on Gort 19-March-2012. The units lost their gangways with some receiving the new corporate livery.
2703 at Inchicore 150907

2703 is being prepped for painting 15-September-2007.

2704 at Hazelhatch 210804

2704 leads a Heuston-Kildare working in to at Hazelhatch in advance of an RPSI special on 21-August-2004. Heuston-Kildare services were worked by 2700s along with 2600s/2800s at that time but would be soon replaced by 2600/2800 units. The 2700s never ran with other classes whereas the 2600s/2800s at that time ran as a common fleet & it was not unusual to have a 2600 coupled to a 2800.

2705 on 0945 Galway-Limerick at Ballyboy 201010

2705 works the 0945 Galway-Limerick and is seen near Lurga on 20-December-2010. The temperature was -10 degrees C but it was worth it for the blue sky!

Click here to see 2705 & 2706 work the Fridays only 1701 Athlone-Galway on 24-February-2012
2706 working the 1415 on Limerick-Galway at Castletown, near Gort on 20-December-2010.
2707 on 1430 Galway-Limerick near Ardrahan 170111

2707 works the 1430 Galway-Limerick seen near Ardrahan on 17-January-2011

2708 at Drogheda depot 190806
2708 at Drogheda depot 19-August-2006.
2709 on 1205 Galway-Limerick at Gort 211110

2709 arrives at Gort working the 1205 Galway-Limerick on 21-November-2010. At this time most services crossed their corrosponding workings at Gort except on Sundays, hence the service arriving "wrong" (station side) platform.

2710 on 1630 Galway-Limerick at Lurga 180312
2710 is seen at Lurga, Co. Galway while working the 1630 Galway-Limerick on 18-March-2012.
2711 on 1155 Limerick-Galway south of Gort 151110
2711 leads the 1155 Limerick-Galway and is seen about two miles south of Gort on 15-November-2010.
2712 at Gormanston 270605
2712 leads an eight piece set on a southbound working from Drogheda to Connolly at Gormanston on
2713 on 1805 Limerick-Galway at Tubber 030911
2713 is seen approaching Tubber, Co. Galway while working the 1805 Limerick-Galway service on 03-September-2011. 2713 has had its gangways removed and has a steel plate welded on!
2715 crosses the diamond at Limerick Jcn. 071005
2715 crosses the diamonds at Limerick Jcn. 07-October-2005 on a Limerick-Waterford service while 190 & its train of PWD 4-wheeled ballast wagons wait to be turned on the triangle & head back to Portlaoise.
717 on 1400 Heuston-Cork South of Portarlington 100208
Due to a failure, 2717 was summoned to work the 1400 Heuston-Cork & is seen south of Portarlington on
2718 at Limerick Jcn 071005

2718 sits in the Waterford bay at Limerick Junction on 07-October-2005. The train has just passed behind the station on the back road and over the level crossing to the left. The Waterford bay & back road have been ripped out along with alot of the station infrastructure. Progress!

2719 at Roscrea 310312
2719 sits at Roscrea while working an Irish Railway Records Society to Limerick & Waterford on 31-March-2012
2720 on 1610 Limerick-Galway at Limerick 211110
2720 awaits departure from Limerick on the 1610 service to Galway on 21-November-2010.
2721 on 1230 Waterford-Limerick Jcn. east of Tipperary 140409
2721 on the 1230 Waterford-Limerick Jcn. seen east of Tipperary on 14-April-2009.
2722 on 0945 Galway-Limerick near Ballyboy 140211
2722 leads the 0945 Galway-Limerick near Ballyboy, Co. Galway on 14-February-2011
2723 forming the 1645 Limerick-Ballybrophy at Limerick 081010
2723 awaiting departure from Limerick Colbert on the 1645 to Ballybrophy on 08-October-2010. The last time I had used this service it had been formed of two Cravens & a van pulled by an A-Class!
2724 on1155 Limerick- Galway near Lurga 031211
2724 works the 1155 Limerick- Galway near Lurga, Co. Galway on 03-December-2011.
2726 departs Limerick Jcn. 071005
2726 departs Limerick Junction for Limerick on 07-October-2005.
2751 is seen running by itself empty from Drogheda to Limerick at Kearneystown bridge on the Dublin-Cork line on 04-March-2006
2753 at Gort on driver training 270210

At Gort again, 2753 is seen on driver training duties on 27-Feburary-2010 prior to the re-commencement of services through Gort. It was unusual to see the "bubbles" running on their own. The units, 2751 & 2753 were acquired to allow lines with light traffic to be run in a more economically efficient manner but single unit operation was never utilised for service trains.

2753 at Limerick 081010
2753 is seen coupled to another pair of 2700s at Limerick and awaites departure to Limerick Junction on
08-October 2010