2600 class Railcars of Iarnród Éireann.
The 2600 class railcars of Iarnród Éireann were constructed by the Tokyu Car Corporation of Yokohama city, Japan & delivered to Ireland between 1993 & 1994. The actual contract for their construction was awarded to Mitsui who subcontracted the build to Tokyu Car Corporation.
There are 17 cars in total, marshalled in pairs, The odd unit was intended to be utilised as a rotating spare but this did not happen in practice with 2609 being heavily cannibalised for spares.
A decision was taken by management to reinstate 2609 & it now works in tandem with a spare 2700 class unit.
All 2600 class railcars are based in Cork with heavy maintenance being carried out in Drogheda depot.

2601 on 1400 Cork-Cobh approaching Glounthaune 071010

2601 working the 1400 Cork-Cobh approaching Glounthaune, Co. Cork on 07-October-2010.

2602 departing Cork on the 1300 to Cobh 071010
2602 departing Cork on the 1300 service to Cobh on 07-October-2010.
2603 between Foxford & Ballina 070809
2603 between Foxford & Ballina, Co. Mayo on a branch working 07-August-2009.
2604 working a Heuston-Kildare service passes 134 & 124 on a Waterford-Dublin Northwall empty cement train at Stacumny Bridge on 24-August-2005. How things have changed!
2605 north of Gormonston 140806
2605 on a Connolly-Drogheda service north of Gormonston, Co. Meath on 14-August-2006. Not too ofter you see an eight car 2600 consist these days.
2606 on 1330 Cobh-Cork approaching Cobh Junction from Cobh 060210

2606 on the 1330 Cobh-Cork approaching Glounthaune. The semaphores didn't have long left when this shot was taken on 06-February-2010.

2607 at Stacumny bridge 290610
2607 on a Cork-Drogheda empty transfer passing Stacumny bridge on 29-Jun-2010. Note the recently re-laid down fast line.
2608 at Cork 071010

2608 at Cork shed on 07-October-2010.

2609 at Limerick 081010

2609 & 2716, the Hybr1d pair, lying over at Limerick on 08-October-2010. 2600s are not a common sight at Limerick.

2610 at Stacummy Bridge on 270505
2610 working a Dublin Heuston- Kildare service at Stacumny Bridge on 27-May-2005. This variation of the livery applied to the face of the unit was short lived.
611 on a Drogheda-Cork transfer at Kyle bridge 190310
2611 on a Drogheda-Cork empty transfer at Kyle bridge, Co. Kildare on 19-March-2010.
2612 on 1545 Middleton-Cork arriving at Cork 071010
2612 on the 1545 Middleton-Cork arriving at Cork on 07-October-2010.
2613 north of Gormonston 290506
2613 works a Drogheda-Dublin Pearse service seen north of Gormonston on 29-May-2006.
2614 departs Drogheda 210406
2614 leads an 8 piece 2600 class out of Drogheda on a Dublin bound service on 21-April-2006.
2615 at Kildare on 200505
2615 departs Kildare for Dublin Heuston on 20-May-2005.
2617 & 2601 at Cork 071010
2617 & 2601 at Cork Kent station07-October-2010.